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All About the Amaryllis Flower

The amaryllis is also known by the names Belladonna Lily and Naked Ladies. This is a flower that actually was named after a shepherdess years and years ago. If you actually translate the meaning of this word in English, the floral meaning of the flower translates to pride. So, this is a great flower that you can give someone that you truly care about and it is a great flower for all different sorts of events. Be sure that you are checking out the meaning of this flower so that you can understand what it can do for the people that you are giving it to.

Description of the Amaryllis Flower

The amaryllis is a beautiful flower, but it is a very unique flower. The amaryllis species only has two flowers in it, so they are very rare and they are incredible. Most of these flowers are actually native to South Africa and grow in a very specific place on the globe. This is plant that comes from a bulb, the plant can grow to be a few feet tall and some of them have a red stem, which is a little bit different. The flower itself is actually a funnel shape flower and it will have anywhere from 2 to 12 petals. These flowers are generally a white with a pink or purple in them. They get the color because of the veins that run through them and are generally crimson in nature.

Why do people plant the Amaryllis Flower?

It isn’t as easy to grow the Amaryllis as you think. The flower actually started to be cultivated in the early 18th century throughout the United States. But, this flower grows very slow and also reproduces really slow so you not only have to be patient, but you can’t expect to get much unless you have been growing them for years. They are grown best in lower elevation and in costal areas, which is more like the climate in South Africa that it is used to. You have to be careful if you are looking to grow the Amaryllis because there are a lot of imposters that look similar but aren’t.

Uses for the Amaryllis Flower

For the most part, this is a flower that people try to grow in their own gardens, if they live in the correct climate; they are able to pull it off. If they don’t, they are going to be left with very little and the flower just isn’t going to grow right. So, people need to make sure that they have the right conditions for this flower. Otherwise, there are people that want to have this flower for its beauty and they will actually try to use it for arrangements and bouquets. The thing with this is, if you are going to use the Amaryllis, make sure that you are getting it. There are a lot of imposters out there and you don’t want to be handed one of those instead. If you can afford these flowers, they are great for wedding bouquets.