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Bluebells Flower

All About the Bluebells Flower

Bluebells are a great looking flower that are known by a lot of other names. You may also know a Bluebell by Calverkeys, Auld Man's Bell, Jacinth, English Bluebell, and Wood Bells. All of these names give you the same flower that looks great and is found in many different areas. These flowers are something that can be found in Europe and will especially bloom during the spring, however, in some parts of Europe, this flower is an endangered species, which is sad and is something that people should be aware of.


Description of the Bluebells Flower

The Bluebell is something that you can really tell apart from other flowers, it has a very distinct look and is something that is definitely going to beset apart from some of the other options that are out there. Most of the flowers end up flowering in April and May and they look great. The flowers for the most part are lavender and blue, they have a very distinct tubular look to the and the petals really resemble bells, which is where it gets its name from. Generally, this flower is pretty large and the little bells will take up a lot of space, the interior of the flower can be white or even yellow. You will find that for the most part, the flowers smell great and they look great.

Uses for the Bluebells Flower

There are many uses of the bluebell, for a lot of people; they just like to grow the flowers so that they have something that looks great. There are all kinds of great options out there for growing these and if you have the correct set up, they are extremely easy to grow, so check out and see if you are in an area where bluebells grow and go from there. Otherwise, there are a lot of people that will use bluebells in arrangements. Because the bluebell is so small, it isn’t going to work for the focal point of the arrangement, however, it will work for filling in areas and that is generally what bluebells are used for. Also, because they are smaller, they make great flowers for boutonnieres and corsages for special events.

Why do people plant the Bluebells Flower ?

The problem with Bluebells is that they can be difficult to grow, and in some countries they are even endangered. It is really important that you are growing them correctly so that they are able to populate. The great thing is, the bluebell seeds will last for years, so even if they are absent in growth for a period of time, which makes it a lot easier to get what you need. Otherwise, this is a relatively easy plant to grow and the flowers will look great if you are able to grow them the way that they are meant to be. Be sure that you have the proper tools for growing the bluebells that you want so that you get exactly what works the best for you.