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All About the Carnation Flower

To most, the carnation is a simple flower that doesn’t have a ton of meaning, it is cheap, it is easy to grow, and it is a staple in most floral arrangements and bouquets. But, the Carnation had a lot of historical meaning, in ancient Rome; it was known as Jove’s flower and was worn a lot. It is also a pretty standard flower to wear during Mother’s Day and weddings as flowers on corsages. The Carnation is associated with feminine love and admiration. It is a great flower to hand people even if it isn’t the most expensive option that is out there. These flowers have been grown and picked for over 2000 years.


Description of the Carnation Flower

There are a lot of different carnations that are out there, a lot of different species, and a lot of different colors. In general, the carnation is a perennial plant, that means it will grow again and again and makes planting a lot easier for you. Also, the leaves are generally a grey green or a blue green color, they are very think and can get pretty long. There will be up to five flowers on one stem and they are about an inch or two in diameter. The Carnations will come in all kinds of colors, the standard color is a pinkish purple, but there are also red, white, green, yellow, and other colors that have been established.


Uses for the Carnation Flower

There are many different uses for carnations, some people will grow them to make their yard or flower beds look great, and that is a common use. Other people will use them for arrangements. Carnations are great for arrangements because they are easy to grow, they can be found year round, and they are cheaper flowers, so they can fill up a bouquet and not cost you a ton of money to do so. Other people use carnations to fill in a wedding bouquet, they are great filler flowers because they come in so many colors and they always look great. With a carnation, you want to make sure if you are cutting them for a bouquet that you do it in the morning when the bloom is still closed, this will ensure that they are going to last the longest that they can.

Why do people plant the Carnation Flower ?

Although in general, these are fairly easy flowers to grow, it is important to understand the best way to grow them so that you can have the best flowers out there. First, they are going to need a soil that is more alkaline and they are going to need an area that has good drainage. So, if you don’t have good drainage, create it. They also are going to need full sunlight so that they can grow to produce a flower. It is so important that you have the right conditions; it can help prevent diseases that Carnations may be susceptible too, so make sure you understand all of this.