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All About the Daffodil Flower

The daffodil is a common flower, and everyone knows that it is. This is a great flower that people love to get because it is such a pretty flower and one that people associate with a particular meaning. There is a tale from Ancient Greece that talks about a man name Narcissus who loved to look at himself, one day when he was looking at himself in a pool of water, he fell in and drown. From his grave, a flower grew and it was the Narcissus, which is the more uncommon name for the Daffodil. This is a flower that represents beauty and you would give this to someone to show that you not only admire them, but that they are the only one.


Description of the Daffodil Flower

If you’ve seen a daffodil, you know what it looks like. There are generally a longer flower stem and at the top of that there are generally 5 or 6 flowers that will bloom off of it. These flowers come in all different colors, you may find white ones, you may find yellow ones, there are even pink ones and some other great colors. The natural daffodils grow in a golden- yellow color and are a beautiful looking spring flower. There are over 100 different species of the daffodil today and it is a flower that you will find in yards all over the world.


Uses for the Daffodil Flower

The main use of the daffodil is in bouquets. This is a flower that you will see in all sorts of spring bouquets when it is blooming. When this flower is in season it is inexpensive to get in a bouquet and it looks great. There are a lot of other uses for this flower though, there are a lot of cultures that really like this flower. The Chinese actually see it as a symbol o f wealth and good fortune and celebrate when the Daffodil blooms. The daffodil flower is also a symbol of cancer research, a lot of the organizations that raise money for cancer use this as their fundraising symbol and even sometimes have daffodil days which are going to give people a flower in return for the donation that they may to the American Cancer Society.


Why do people plant the Daffodil Flower ?

The good thing about the daffodil is that it is so easy to grow. This is a flower that is a great beginner flower and this is proven with all the flower beds that it is in across the world. With a daffodil, it actually will grow quick and will bloom quickly so if you are growing it, you will feel great because it will start to bloom in early spring just after you’ve planted it. Make sure that if you are growing this flower that you are taking care of it, give it enough water and make sure that it has proper drainage so that you are able to grow the beautiful flowers that come from it.