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All About the Poinsettia Flower

There are many people that absolutely love the Poinsettia, especially around Christmas time. This is a beautiful plant that has a lot of meaning to it. If you are a fan of the poinsettia, it is important to understand all about it, how it grows, where it grows, and what the uses are. All of this information will help you determine if this is a plant that you want, if you want to try and grow it, where you can get it and when you should expect to see it. Check out the pertinent information below and learn all about the poinsettia.


Description of the Poinsettia Flower

The poinsettia is known by a few different names such as Christmas Star and noche buena. This plant is popular and something that a lot of people will have in their homes and yards for at least a portion of the year. Basically, the poinsettia is a shrub which can grow between 2 and 16 feet tall. The part of the flower that people enjoy is actually a leaf. There is no flower that comes off of the poinsettia, it is actually the leaves that change colors and make an incredible color that people appreciate. The flowers are going to depend on the time of year, the species and a few other factors. You may see that you will find red colors, orange colors, green, cream, white, and most often red. These colors will actually appear over the course of a few days as they darken, generally they need dark at least 12 hours a day to make this change, and it is important those conditions are met.


Uses for the Poinsettia Flower

Today, most of us probably think of the poinsettia and relate it to Christmas, which is the most common use of the poinsettia today. This plant is something that people really associate Christmas with. The meaning of this actually came from an ancient Aztec tradition in which the flowers were handed out to people. But, it was also used in Mexico for gifts to celebrate Jesus’ birthday for people that weren’t able to afford it. Now, it is a Christmas decoration that is so popular, we will see these all over when it is Christmas time and everyone wants to have one. It is even to the point where in December there is actually a National Poinsettia Day. This flower looks great around that time of year and is something that will bring color to the winter season.


Why do people plant the Poinsettia Flower ?

There are different places where you will find the poinsettia flower. First, there are many of these flowers that are native to Mexico and they are going to grow in the tropical forests in the area. Otherwise, you will find other species that grow in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other tropical areas. This is a plant that is native to Mexico and even got its name from the first United States Minster to Mexico, so this is a plant that Mexico is definitely proud of.