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Anniversary Flowers by Year

Meaning Of Anniversary Flowers

Marriage – the union of souls – is one of the most remarkable occasions in the lives of those who choose to do so. It is, after all, the eternal commitment between two people, for life and beyond. As such it is only fitting that nature’s most beautiful works of art – flowers - are used to celebrate the various milestones in a marriage.


Here you’ll find a list of the most well known anniversaries and their associated flowers.


One Year Anniversary

The first year of marriage is often a year of bliss as it is at a time when passions run high and untamed for one another. While traditional gifts for the first year of marriage were paper and later clocks, many find that flowers say it best. The official flower of the first year of marriage is the carnation, the perfect flower to conclude that first year of marital joy.

Two Year Anniversary

Who cares about divorce statistics or anything else for that matter when life can’t get any better? Give them the traditional gifts of cotton; surprise them with the contemporary two-year celebratory gift of china – but whatever you do, be sure to include Lily of the Valley to emphasize your continual love.

Three Year Anniversary

Some say this is where it gets choppy, others say “no, it’s fine”. Life has a way of happening and working itself out. Celebrate your defeats as well as your victories at the end of three years with olden gifts of leather or their more recent crystal counterparts that will match the third year flower, the sunflower.

Four Year Anniversary

Four years is indeed a stretch, well done! Traditional gifts for this occasion include either linen or silk. Should however, the marital abode be a little empty, then fill it up with modern society’s recommended gift: appliances. In terms of flowers, go wild and crazy by covering all bare surfaces with hydrangeas!

Five Year Anniversary

With half a decade completed, here’s to the next. While gifts for this marital milestone should be made out of wood or constitute silverware, we find that a bunch of daisies and perhaps a picnic will do the trick to ensure that the next five years are just as full of joy and love.

Six Year Anniversary

Traditional gift: something made out of iron. Contemporary Gift: Something made out of wood. Perfect gift: a bouquet of beautiful callas and a long, peaceful walk along the beach.

Seven Year Anniversary

Almost a decade and still going strong! Personally we’d rather give someone the traditional gifts of something made out of either wool or copper. But then there are those who would prefer the more modern variety – desk sets. For all occasions in celebration of the past seven years, freesias are the flowers of choice.

Eight Year Anniversary

Back in the day friends, families, husbands and wives gave the gift of bronze or linen to mark the eight year milestone. Today they give lace. Still, no one will be able to argue that lilacs remain a timeless gift and perfect floral representation of the time spent together.

Nine Year Anniversary

Nine years of love, support and a place to call “home”. The troubles seem small compared to the blessings, which is perhaps why the traditional gift for those at the nine-year mark is pottery and its modern day equal, china. Yet one thing that remains certain is that a bird of paradise bouquet will ensure enough color and joy for the coming years.

Ten Year Anniversary

Ten is indeed a magical number and staying together this long means that there is something special, something uniquely different. As the traditional gifts for ten years include those things fashioned out of tin and aluminum, we though the modern version a bit more apt. Therefore be sure to lay your hands on the biggest bouquet of daffodils to present along with the diamond jewellery.

Eleven Year Anniversary

The first year of the next decade! It’s almost like being young again as you know the marriage is made out of unbreakable steel – which is precisely what the traditional gift for this milestone is. For those living in a modern world, be sure to match the fashion jewellery with a beautiful, elegant bouquet of tulips.

Twelve Year Anniversary

How lucky to reach twelve years of bliss, not only because traditional gifts include silk and pearls with modern counterparts of colored gems but because there is once again occasion for flowers. Peonies are recommended and will seal the deal for at least another twelve years of comfort and joy.

Thirteen Year Anniversary

They say thirteen is unlucky, we say it is a blessing. Now that the home has been made, it’s time for a bit of grandeur and sophistication. Lace, textiles and furs are the recommended gifts. But they wouldn’t be half their worth if nature’s very own chrysanthemum wasn’t included.

Fourteen Year Anniversary

By this time you know you’ve got something good going and so do other people too. Ideal gifts of a traditional nature included ivory, whilst those more conscious of times a changing will give something gold. The dahlia, in our humble opinion, will at the very least equal those gifts; if not make them look pale in comparison.

Fifteen Year Anniversary

Five years from twenty, fifteen from thirty years together. At this stage numbers don’t matter any more as time really does fly when you are having fun. The ideal gifts for this marital milestone are items made out of crystal as well as watches. But then again, who cares when you consider that giving someone roses is in actual fact giving them something incredibly valuable – a beautiful, living flower.

Twenty Year Anniversary

The second decade! Time to let your hair down and show the kids how it’s really done. Tell them to take the china and platinum gifts and just lay it on the side because what you’ve found to inspire your youthfulness is far more enchanting: the aster.

Twenty-five Year Anniversary

Dare we say it? Perhaps we shouldn’t, but we can’t really resist. Quarter of a century! While looks may fade and gravity become increasingly annoying, you may celebrate your silver anniversary with gifts of, well, silver. And to add to the glamour and the sparkles of the festivities, be sure to let your loved ones know that the iris will be this year’s floral decoration of choice.

Twenty-eight Year Anniversary

Yes, we thought we’d catch you with this one as it is rather unique. It is intended to remind those who’ve stuck together through thick and thin that life is not about what you’ve already done, it’s about what you are still to do! Whether you choose to celebrate these past 28 years together quietly or in raucous style, the orchid is a flower suitable for any occasion.

Thirty Year Anniversary

Thirty years, well done! Time again for sending flowers and gifts. As to the former you may let your guests know that pearls and diamonds are in order, while the latter will require vast amounts of lilies to suit your mature tastes. Living is all about the finer things and lots of them – wouldn’t you agree?

Forty Year Anniversary

Don’t scare too easily if people start clapping when you are walking down the street, because this is a milestone of note. Forty years of marriage is a destiny shared. Traditional gifts for this most venerable of occasions are rubies, whilst the gladiator’s flower – the gladiolus – will ensure the safety and beauty of times to come.

Fifty Year Anniversary

Reaching fifty years of marriage… you are indeed royalty in the realm of love and deserve no less than gifts of gold and showers of yellow roses and violets. It’s time to celebrate and aim for the next fifty years of love and bliss. Good luck!