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Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button Flower

All About the Bachelor Button Flower

The Bachelor Button is a flower that has many other names. This flower is also known as a Cornflower, Basketflower, Bluebiottle, Hurtsikcle, or even a Boutonniere flower. These are all different names for the same flower. The Bachelor Button is actually a flower that has a story behind it and this is a flower that bachelors generally wore when they had feelings for a certain person that they were trying to date. They would wear the flower and the longer that the flower lasted, the more that it showed that there was a true love there, if the flower faded away, it wasn’t meant to be.


Description of the Bachelor Button Flower

The Bachelor Button is a very small plant that flowers annually, this is a flower that came from Europe and comes out of the Asteraceae family. This plant actually grows very tall, between 16 and 35 inches, and it has two different styles of blooms. First, it will bloom a wider bloom and the interior will have a smaller bloom. Generally, the color of these is a blue and it comes in variations of blue, but there are other colors that you may see it in like pink, lavender, black, and white. The funny thing is the flowers that are blue with this plant are red in roses, so it all depends in the chemical makeup of the flower that you are working with.

Uses for the Bachelor Button Flower

For the most part, the Bachelor Button is a common flower that is used in boutonnieres. It is used a lot by florists to put in different arrangements because it does have a unique meaning that people really appreciate. If you are going to cut this flower or use it for arrangements, which it is great for, make sure that you are cutting it early in the day when the blooms are closed, it will last longer that way. Otherwise, this flower is edible and people use it to add color to their foods as a garnish that looks different and can cause no harm. These flowers are also used in a lot of herbal teas and the Lady Grey tea by Twinings includes some of the Bachelor Button flowers in it.

Why do people plant the Bachelor Button Flower?

If you are going to try to grow the Bachelor Button, you want to make sure that you have the right conditions for it. You will want to plant the flower in early spring and it will actually bloom between June and August. You want to make sure that it has full sun and it does need a lot of water, so make sure that you are giving it enough water that it can survive. It needs a relatively balanced soil, so you also want to make sure that you have correct soil for the Bachelor Button too. It is easy to get it growing once you understand how to grow it and what conditions that it is going to grow best under.