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Meaning of Birthday Flowers

Meaning of Birthday Flowers


Each year we are faced with new challenges, different situations and an ever-changing world. Some of these may be good; others less so and at times, life might seem like it’s getting just a tad too much. For all those occasions and many, many more – even if it is just for a general “Thank you” occasion – there is the wonderful gift of flowers.

To show our commitment to friendship, love and general happiness, we’ve compiled a guide to the flowers of each month to enable you to share the best of nature with those you care about.



For the first month of the Gregorian calendar we have the Carnation which is perhaps best known as being worn on mother’s day and weddings. In terms of symbolism it generally refers to the love of a woman, which means that the carnation could be the perfect gift, even for him.

And to make matters even more interesting, there exist a variety of carnations available in different colors to suit each and ever flower-lover’s taste and each with its very own meaning. Among our favorites are the yellow, white, purple, red and pink carnations, which, when you look closely, mean we love them all.

February Flower


Belonging to the genus Viola, Violets represent the month of February and may have more in common with love than you think. Also known as “Pansies” or “Heartsease”, violets have a scent as elusive as true love: it does exist, but it will take some finding.

Never-the-less, violets are among the most beautiful flowers with a floral meaning pointing to modesty, which is very apt since then word “February” is derived from Latin “februum” which, when translated, means purification.

March Flower


March was named after the Roman god of war, Mars. It was also the first month of the year in ancient Rome and is still celebrated as such in some cultures due to the fact that it denotes the first month of spring.

The flower of March is the Daffodil, also known as the Jonquil and the Narcissus, and has an associated story. It speaks of a man in ancient Greece who loved his own image so much that he could not stop admiring his own image in a stream. While some say he fell in and drowned, others claim he was so in love with his own image that he starved while being preoccupied with admiring himself. From the place of his death sprung the Narcissus flower.

In terms of floral meaning, the Daffodil is a symbol of desire, sympathy and formality.

April Flower


In Latin mythology the month of April was sacred to the goddess Venus, in Greek, Aphrodite. Both of them were the goddess of Love in their respective cultures, which makes April a special month indeed.

April’s flower is regarded as the Sweet Pea or the Daisy. Where the former refers to a floral meaning that wishes to express a blissful pleasure, the latter is symbolic for a loyalty to love as well as secrecy.

May Flower


Want to know something interesting about the month of May? No other month shares it’s first day with May, making this a very special month indeed. As to this month’s name, there are quite a number of speculations as to its origins. Some believe that “May” refers to the Greek goddess Maia. Others, however, believe that the month received its name from the terms “majores”, which referred to old med. As such, they believe that May is the month dedicated to old men.

The birth flower for May is the Lily of the Valley, which is symbolic of the tears of the Virgin Mary. It’s meaning points toward sweetness, humility and a return to happiness.

June Flower


Named after Juno, a Roman goddess and the wife of Jupiter, June is the month with the longest hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere and the shortest hours of daylight in the southern hemisphere. Due to the fact that Juno was the goddess of marriage and as such many couples think it to be lucky to be wed in June.

June’s flower is the Rose, the flower representing both love and beauty, and was the flower of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and is also symbolic of the Virgin Mary.

July Flower


Previously known as Quintilis in the ancient Roman calendar, July was renamed to honor Julius Caesar who was born in the same month. Interestingly enough, July starts on the same day of the week as April every year and January during leap years.

July’s flower is the Larkspur of which the floral meaning denotes fickleness.

August Flower


The month of August is the 8th month in the Gregorian calendar and was previously known as Sextilis. It was renamed in honor of Augustus in 8BC as a number of his successful exploits occurred in this month, arguably the most famous being the fall of Alexandria.

August’s flower is the Gladiolus, which was the official flower of the gladiators and one with a meaning that could point to sincerity, strength and infatuation.

September Flower


September was originally the seventh month in the Roman calendar; hence its name as “septem” means “seven” in Latin. Between the 21st and the 24th of September the autumnal equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere and the vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere. According to the pagan religion, the former belongs to Mabon while the latter belongs to Ostara.

September’s flower is the Aster, the official symbol of love and also the floral embodiment of all things delicate and dainty.

October Flower


Although October is the tenth month in the Georgian calendar, it was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar as “octo” means “eight”. January is the only month to start on the same day as October in common years, but not in leap years. It is the international month of breast cancer awareness and is also celebrated in the U.S. as National Arts and Humanities month.

Its flower is the Marigold, obtaining its name from “Mary’s Gold” with reference to the Virgin Mary and points to the floral meaning of grief and jealousy.

November Flower


November used to be the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar; "novem" means "nine". Starting on the same day as March and February (the latter only in common years), November is the Roman Catholic Church's month dedicated to the Holy Souls who are in purgatory.

Its flower is the Chrysanthemum, a flower that embodies the meanings of friendship, happiness and rest.

December Flower


As with a number of other months, December used to be the tenth month of the Roman calendar, hence "decem" which means "ten". December is also the month of Christmas celebrations, Saint Lucy and New Year's Eve.


December is represented by the Holly, which has a floral meaning of domestic bliss as well as defense.