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Corporate Floral Services

Corporate Woman with Palm PlantFlowers and Plants in the Workplace

According to business experts, the key to gaining the competitive edge in business and the economy is a happy and productive workforce. And, the best way to accomplish this is through including flowers and plants in the workplace environment.

A recent eight month study sponsored by Texas A & M University showed that incorporating nature into the workplace was the secret to creating an environment of business success. The researchers explored the link between living flowers or plants and workplace productivity. The test participants performed a series of creative and problem solving tasks within a variety of commonly found office environments. The test areas included one with flowers and plants, another with sculpture, and a third with no decorative embellishments whatsoever.

Their research demonstrated that for the workers in an environment that included flowers and plants, they had increased idea generation, upped their creative performance, and improved their problem solving skills substantially, as long as they shared space with flowers and plants on a regular basis.

The researchers at Texas A & M also further Testing showed that men, when surrounded by flowers and plants, provided more ideas and original solutions to problems 15% higher than the average created in any other environment. And, even though the men produced a greater number of ideas, women especially thrived creatively in an environment filled with plants and flowers, creating more flexible and creative solutions to everyday problems when surrounded by nature, than in any other environment tested.

The Society of American Florists cooperated in conjunction with the researchers at Texas A & M, bringing its expertise in flowers and plants to the project, and they wholeheartedly support the findings of this research. To that end, we at Canadian Flower Delivery have come up with a way for our corporate clients to create their own nature enriched creative environments through our Corporate Services program.

How Our Corporate Services Program Works

We at Canadian Flower Delivery will help businesses set up corporate accounts that will make it easier for them to order gifts on the behalf of the company for their employees. In this way, more businesses will have the opportunity to thank their outstanding employees for their service, celebrate the arrival of children into the world, or wish a valued co-worker a speedy recovery. We can also aid you in sending out holiday gifts on your behalf, to customers or clients or vendors, as a thank you for helping you have a better business year. From poinsettia plants to gift baskets, we make it easy for you to honor everyone’s contribution to your business success.

We also offer businesses everywhere a 10% discount on orders when they set up a new house account with us. And, we also offer special standing order packages for weekly deliveries of flowers, plants and extra something gifts to keep your employees’ productivity going through the roof!

We already service large corporations like Pepsi, VIA Rail, American Express, CIBC and Shell Canada as well as many other hotels, restaurants, law firms, insurance companies and small businesses. Why not have your business join their ranks? Your employees will thank you for it.

Our unique corporate gifts will show your business associates just how much you appreciate all of their hard work and commitments. Imagine their reactions when you gift them with gourmet baskets, fresh fruit arrangements, or specially designed spa baskets. We have all the right choices for corporate gift giving opportunities, hands down.

Please contact our specialist in Corporate Services at 1-800-606-1338 for more information on these programs.