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All About the Daisy Flower

If there a flower that is common and that everyone knows, it is the daisy. There are all kinds of great varieties of the daisy and people absolutely love them. It is probably just as common as the rose, but the cost is so much less and this is a great flower to give friends and family or to grow. Overall, people are a huge fan of the daisy and it is a great flower to give out to people you care about. With the daisy, it has a meaning that shows loyalty to love and commitment. This is a great flower to be giving out to those you truly care about.


Description of the Daisy Flower

The daisy is part of the Asteraceae family, there are over 22,000 species in this category and it is one that you definitely should take a look at. All of the daisies are a very vascular plant, which means that they grow easily, they take up a lot of space, and they grow quickly. With a daisy, you get what is called a taproot, this is really fibrous. The stem will stand up and you can literally get a daisy in nearly ever color. The flowers have very distinct petals that make it very easy to determine what they are; there are always 5 petals off of a floret in a daisy flower.


Uses for the Daisy Flower

Of course, the daisy is so common in bouquets. One of the reasons why people like to use the daisy so much is because they can dye it to whatever color that they want. A white daisy can be seen in hot pink, lime green, purple, black, and anything else you can imagine thanks to dye. So, you’ll find these in a lot of bouquets. Some people will even just get a great bouquet of daisies so that they can take home something nice to their wife or their girlfriend, they are inexpensive and they are nearly always in season which makes it even better. Daisies are also very easy to grow, so a lot of people will use them in flower beds to make their yards look great. With how easy they are to grow, for people that have trouble growing flowers it is a really easy option.


Why do people plant the Daisy Flower?

The good thing about daisies is that they are so easy to grow. This is the most common flower and it grows in all sorts of conditions. SO, even if you have a brown thumb, you’ll be able to grow it. They are common actually and sometimes you won’t even have to plant them to get them. They are going to grow really well in open and dry environments, plus, they are easily pollinated since the bugs love them so they will quickly spread out throughout the area. Chances are you’ll have a field full of daisies before you even know it. This is a great flower for beginners to start with.