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All About the Fern Flower

People love ferns, they love them in their yards, they love them in pots in their house, and they may even have a love fern. There are all kinds of folklores that apply to the fern plant and one of the Slavic tales speaks of a fern that bloomed once a year but when people looked at it actually provided them with happiness and riches. Today, if you are giving someone a fern as a gift, you are giving them the hope that they will have confidence, shelters, wealth, and happiness. This is a great plant to give someone that you really care about.


Description of the Fern Flower

There are many different varieties of ferns, so not every one is going to look the same. But the plants have the same basic make up. When you are looking at ferns, there are basically about 12,000 species of this plant available, so there is no lack of the fern, that’s for sure. There are larger ferns and there are small ones, you may see that some of them are just a few inches and others basically look like they are the size of a large tree. Ferns have been around forever, and they were something that has been seen in fossils as long as 360 million years ago, that is a long time!


Uses for the Fern Flower

Most people may have a little fern that they have sitting in a pot on their windowsill. Other people may have a full yard of them. There are many uses for ferns. From a bouquet perspective, they are probably best used in arrangements where they can actually be used as filler for the flowers, they are a great option for providing some greenery in a cheap and easy way that will fill in the arrangement and make it look great. Ferns are a little more unique than some of the other fillers that are out there for people that need something to take some space up in their arrangements. Ferns are very unique and look great they are going to add a lot to anything that you are going to make with them.


Why do people plant the Fern Flower?

A fern has a very distinct life cycle; they are different from most of the plants that you will see out there today. They do not have a true leaf, which sets them apart. They also are different because of the way that they reproduce; they don’t have flowers or seeds. So, ferns have really been structured differently so that they are able to continue on. First, a fern will have a spore that will grow through mitosis into a gametophyte; all of this is done through photosynthesis. From there, that actually produces what is called gametes which are able to fertilize the sperm and start to move it into the fern plant. This is a very unique cycle of how something reproduces and it si totally different than anything that happens with any other sort of flower.