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If you are looking for a florist you can trust to deliver your floral arrangements on time, you should always turn to a flower shop that belongs to FTD or Florists Transworld Delivery. This floral company has a very long history of making people happy with beautiful, timely floral deliveries. There are members throughout the world, and each one must adhere to strict quality standards and delivery policies.

In fact, every member of the FTD wire service is held to a very high degree of accountability, and guarantees you will be completely satisfied with your FTD flower arrangements.

FTD was originally founded in 1910 by a group of 15 florists who agreed to contract together for out of town deliveries. Today the FTD has grown to include 20,000 North American retail florists (Canada & the USA) and over 50,000 affiliates internationally throughout the world in over 154 countries. Quite a significant amount of growth for 15 florists who wanted to make it easier to order flowers for people outside of one’s town.

Count on Top Flower Quality from FTD Florists

Today the FTD works through both internet wire transfers and a telemarketing system to make sure that your flower delivery needs are met with the upmost quality. A retail flower shop has to meet certain standards to gain entry into the FTD community and then needs to work hard to provide quality flowers in order to stay a member. This is why you can rest assured that if you choose a retail member such as that is ranked in the top 100 of the FTD, that you will receive flowers fit for the queen herself.

Due to the fact that there are so many florist members across North America, florist shops such as Canadian Flower Delivery are able to offer you a wide variety of flowers that are appropriate for every occasion. Whether you need a simple housewarming houseplant, a bridal floral arrangement, or even a corsage for your child’s homecoming dance, you will find what you're looking for. Expect delivery within one day’s time if you shop from an FTD affiliated retail shop.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for FTD Flower Deliveries in Canada

If you are still worried about the accuracy of your order, you should know that every FTD merchant is tested to make sure they deliver you the correct order. An FTD order from a florist member guarantees your satisfaction or your money back. Plus, each member is placed on a probationary period and retested if an order is rejected. After the second failure, the member faces suspension and a similar retest. Should an event occur a third time, they are banned from the FTD permanently.

This means that when you place an order with a FTD member, your flowers are practically guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition the first time, because failure is not accepted among any member florists. Therefore, if you need flowers, why not trust the corporation that has earned your business, and choose a FTD retailer such as Canadian Flower Delivery for all your needs.