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Gardenia Flower

All About the Gardenia Flower

The gardenia is a beautiful flower that was actually named after Dr Alexander Garden who was a Scottish-born naturalist. The gardenia is a beautiful flower, but it actually is going to take a lot of work to grow. However, if you can grow it, it is a very beautiful flower and it smells great. This flower has some deep floral meanings, it actually says “You are lovely” and it is even a symbol of a secret love. This is a great gift for those of us that are true romantics, think Romeo and Juliet style. Make sure that you are giving this to someone that you really care about.

Description of the Gardenia Flower

The Gardenia is a group that is made up of 142 species. These are great flowering plants and they are actually part of the coffee family, which is going to be found mainly in tropical and subtropical climates. The gardenia is actually an evergreen shrub, which is basically a small tree and can grow to be up to 49 feet tall, although most of them don’t get that tall. The flowers that come from it are single and only one flower will come off of one bud. The gardenia is also probably one of the most aromatic flowers that is out there and it smells incredible. That is why people love having it in their bouquets.

Uses for the Gardenia Flower

Besides being an absolutely phenomenal flower to have in your yard, if you can get one growing, they are also incredible flowers for bouquets, arrangements, and corsages. Gardenias are a common flower that people love to have at weddings because they smell so amazing, if you are having a summer wedding, you should really look into this flower, it is going to look outstanding and it is going to smell incredible. There are a lot of people that love this flower and what it does and how it looks. Another thing that a lot of people do, if they live in the right climate is to actually plant the gardenia tree so that they can have their own. This isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, but it is a great idea and is something that you will get to watch get more beautiful over time.

Why do people plant the Gardenia Flower?

The thing with the gardenia is that it can be more difficult to grow than other flower, and that is why you don’t see it readily available in all different kinds of bouquets. However, there are a lot of great bouquets where you will see it in. If you are going to try to grow a gardenia tree, you are going to have to put some time and work into it. A gardenia isn’t something that will just grow overnight; this is a tree that is going to need some work. It may be a season or two or three before you actually see any sort of flower come off of the tree, so be prepared for that.