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Geranium Flower

All About the Geranium Flower

The geranium is a very popular flower that a lot of people know and love today. There are many different uses for it, and it is one of the more common flowers that is grown. The name geranium comes from a Greek work geranos, which basically means crane. This is because of the shape of the flower that it is named this. The flower itself actually has an odd floral meaning and you want to make sure that you aren’t going to offend anyone by handing them this flower. It generally is associated with stupidity and folly, so don’t offend someone by giving it to them.


Description of the Geranium Flower

The geranium is a popular flower, there are nearly 422 species of this flower and they encompass all different types, annuals, biennials, and even perennials. These flowers are easy to recognize, they are generally a five petal flower that comes in all kinds of great colors, you will find them in white, blue, purple, pink, and they have veining that goes through them and is very distinct. For the most part, they will generally bloom in the summer and will have seeds that are ready to go by the late fall or even the next spring. Just make sure that you aren’t offending anyone that knows the4 meaning of the geranium if you are going to hand them this type of flower, it is important to understand that it doesn’t have the most positive meaning.

Uses for the Geranium Flower

The geranium has two main uses for it. First, the majority of people like to plant the geranium because it is easy to grow and will grow basically anywhere. This makes it look like anyone has a green thumb and makes it so easy to grow this flower. For beginning gardeners, it is basically something that they can be extremely successful with and they know that. Otherwise, there are people that will use these flowers for arrangements and bouquets. Since they grow so easily, the geranium is easy to put in arrangements because it will always grow. It is also a relatively inexpensive flower so it is cheap to get in a bouquet and makes them affordable.

Why do people plant the Geranium Flower?

The great thing with the Geranium and maybe another reason why it gets its name is that it basically can grow anywhere. As long as you aren’t growing the geranium in an area that is absolutely waterlogged, it will grow there. So, if you are looking to grow this for your home garden, make sure that it has drainage, so that it is able to get rid of excess water that it doesn’t need. However, you will find, that people that want to start a garden will use the geranium to plant because it grows so easily and so quickly. It is a great option for any gardener that is just beginning and despite the meaning of it, it really does look beautiful in a garden or a flowerbed.