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Marigold Flower

All About the Marigold Flower

The marigold is a very common flower, ask people to name a flower and it will be one of the most popular ones that they say. This is a flower that people know of and that people either like or hate, it really is like that. You will find that the marigold actually has a lot of history. The Virgin Mary is where the name Mary's Gold came from, and this is a flower that was used as a flower of the dead in Mexico. Today, it is still used in a Day of the Dead ceremonies. Even though the marigold is used in a lot of floral bouquets and arrangements it actually represents grief, cruelty, and jealousy.


Description of the Marigold Flower

The marigold is also known as the tagetes and is a genus that includes about 56 different species. You will find that the flowers that are in this family are a mixture of annuals and perennials. These flowers are found all over the world and for most people they are actually considered a weed that is invasive and is noxious. You will find that the marigold is a smaller flower that has some green leaves. These flowers have blooms that include colors like gold, orange, white, and yellow. You will even find that some of the flowers have maroon outlines in them and make them a little brighter and stand out a little bit more. You can find these flowers in either a perennial or an annual, but the annual is definitely more common than the perennial flower.

Uses for the Marigold Flower

There are a lot of people that will use the marigold in bouquets and arrangements this is a cheap and easy flower to grow. So, for a lot of people that want beautiful flowers, the marigold is a great flower that will fill up bouquets and will really look great. There are even some people that choose to grow it, and there are a lot of great varieties that you can get the marigold in. You just have to make sure that when you are growing it, you have space for it. The marigold can really explode and spread when you plant it, so make sure that you set it up in an area where it won't affect other plants.

Why do people plant the Marigold Flower ?

It can be sort of determined that since the marigold is almost a noxious weed, it probably grows pretty easily. The marigold flower requires some basic care, but really for the most part it will grow on its own with very basic care. You will find that these flowers will grow good basically in any soil, they do also need some good drainage though, so if you are going to plant them and really want them to excel, you are going to want to have the best drainage that is there. If you don't want to grow a marigold and you see it as a weed, do the opposite.