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All About the Moss Flower

Moss is an interesting plant that when people are trying to associated plants, flowers, and arrangements, they would probably never think about it. However, moss is a very important plant and it is used in arrangements more than you would think. It isn’t necessarily something that you would probably grow on your own, but it is something that can be extremely useful and can be something that you want to have in your arrangements and bouquets. Moss even has a floral meaning of charity and maternal love, so this can be a great addition to what you are creating and a great plant to have.


Description of the Moss Flower

Moss is a small plant that is very soft. This is a plant that grows generally at the most about 4 inches tall, but there are a few species that grow a bit taller. You will find that these plants thrive in certain conditions and in specific locations. There are no flowers with moss and no seeds. All you get with this plant is a very basic leave that creates the moss and what it looks like. The moss itself is classified in the Bryophyta family and there are nearly 12,000 specie of moss that you will find in this group. Moss thrives in moisture, in dampness, and in shade. This is a plant that does not need the sun and does not thrive off of the sun, so you’ll find it in these areas and not out in an open area that gets a ton of sun shining on it.


Uses for the Moss Flower

Generally, you see moss in the wild; you don’t see it growing in a lot of people’s backyards. Moss is something that will coat the forest floor in a lot of areas where it is damp, cool, and dark. But, there are a few people that will use moss in arrangements. Moss can be colorful and interesting depending on the species that you get, so it can be used as some great filler in arrangements. Use it as greenery, or you may even be able to find a moss that has even a more unique color to it. There are definitely some commercial uses for moss that you can gather it for.

Why do people plant the Moss Flower ?

Moss is interesting because it doesn’t have any seeds, so the process of reproduction for it is a little bit different than a lot of other plants that you may see out there. Basically, you will see that these plants have a male and a female chromosome that will basically create a spore and that is more how it spreads is through that method of fertilization, there is no bird moving a seed around, the wind is not carrying it, this is why moss grows low and long instead of separate and tall. The reason why moss needs damp conditions is because in order to reproduce it must have water that is part of what the spores need for fertilization.