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All About the Myrtle Flower

The myrtle plant is not something that most of us commonly know and can point out. However, if we have done any sort of research or reading into the ancient Roman mythology, we may be a little bit more familiar with it. It is said that the myrtle plant is sacred to Demeter and to Aphrodite. This is a plant that is also sacred to Venus. It should be no surprise that the myrtle plant is actually a symbol of love and is the Hebrew symbol for marriage. So, check out and learn a little bit more on this plant, you may just find it is a great plant.


Description of the Myrtle Flower

The myrtle family is fairly small, this genus actually only has about one or two species in it. This plant is more native to Europe and to North Africa which makes a lot of sense with the historical uses and meanings of the myrtle plant. Myrtle is in fact a flowering plant that is basically a shrub that is evergreen. This plant can grow up to about 15 feet tall and you will find that the leaf actually gives off very fragrant oil that is actually an essential oil. The flower itself is shaped like a star which has the standard five petals; you will almost always see this flower in white. There is also a fruit that is on the myrtle plant and it is a round berry that contains the seeds and is how the plant is spread throughout the areas it grows in.


Uses for the Myrtle Flower

The myrtle plant really does have a lot of uses. You will find that people use it for a lot of herbal remedies and that sort of thing. The myrtus plant can actually be used to make a sort of wine that has one batch that is produced from the leaves and another batch that is produced from the berries. There are also a lot of medicinal uses for myrtle. This essential oil that comes from the leaves is said to be really good for clearing airways and is a great treatment for people of any age. This may also help with sinusitis. All in all, there are a lot of great uses for the myrtle plant and you can even use it for bouquets and arrangements.


Why do people plant the Myrtle Flower ?

If you look at the areas of the world that the myrtle plant grows in, you can start to understand the conditions that it needs. First, the myrtle plant needs humidity as the areas that it grows in are fairly humid and are generally located near a sea, river, lake, or an ocean. This plant will need some fairly good soil that has fertilization. Plus, as with any plant, you always want to make sure that this plant has proper drainage so that any extra water is able to run away instead of killing the plant by overwatering it. Just make sure that you have the best conditions for it.