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Orange Blossom

All About the Orange Blossom Flower

The orange blossom is just what it sounds like, this is a blossom that comes off of the orange tree and it looks great. The orange blossom has a lot of meaning to it and in Florida, it is actually the state flower. There are many different uses for the orange blossom and with the symbolism that it holds a lot of people really like to include it in different bouquets and arrangements. You will see that this is actually historically a sign of good fortune and that it can tie to marriage and fertility as well as standing for internal love. This is definitely a great flower to use.


Description of the Orange Blossom Flower

The orange, historically is actually a hybrid of two other citrus plants the pomelo and the mandarin. This is a tree that is evergreen and it actually flowers too, which is where the orange blossoms come from. You will find that an orange tree, once it reaches maturity can actually get a large as 30 feet tall. Not only does this tree give off a great flowering blossom, but it also gives off the orange as a fruit, which is a great treat if you are eating them fresh off the tree or even if you are buying them in the grocery store. The orange blossom blooms and it gives off a beautiful white flower that looks great and smells even better. There are all kinds of great orange trees off there that are always giving off a great orange blossom.


Uses for the Orange Blossom Flower

Obviously, the orange tree is used to harvest fruit. There are all kinds of different species of oranges that people enjoy to eat. These are great fruits and contain a lot of great minerals and vitamins that people need. But, the orange blossom is also used for a lot of different things. There are a lot of people that use the orange blossom for wedding bouquets because of the floral meaning that it has. This is not only a beautiful flower, but it is also a flower that is aromatic. You can use orange blossoms for lots of great floral bouquets and arrangements. You’ll find that the orange tree is so much more than just a fruit and it will look great in bouquets too.


Why do people plant the Orange Blossom Flower ?

Orange trees only grow in certain climates, you will need to have these climates to grow them in or they will have to be grown in a very large indoor greenhouse. The best places to grow orange trees are warm climates. You can either grow them in warm dry climates or you can grow them in warm humid climates. Orange trees will thrive in either one. You want to make sure that you are watering them, however, if you are growing them in the more dry climates to make sure that they are getting enough moisture so that they are able to bloom and to grow fruit.