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All About the Snapdragon Flower

The snapdragon is a more unique plant and something that a lot of people enjoy for the unique look that it has in terms of the flowers and leaves. The snapdragon is named such because when you squeeze it together properly, it actually looks like a dragon that is opening and closing its mouth. But, there are also people that use these for things besides making it look like a dragon’s mouth opening and closing. The snapdragon actually has a floral meaning that can mean two different things, it can be a sign of a gracious lady, or it can be a sign of deception, you can take your pick and have it your way.


Description of the Snapdragon Flower

The snapdragon is part of the antirrhinum family. This plant is unique because of the look that it has and the way that it looks when it is squeezed a certain way. The snapdragon is a perennial plant that is more of a cold season plant; you will find that these plants come in a few different options as they have a dwarf, a medium, and a tall plant. These snapdragons can be as small as 6 inches and as tall as about 4 feet. You will find that the flower itself comes in a lot of different colors; you will find red flowers, white flowers, and pink flowers. It just depends on the species and which ones that you are planting. It can be difficult sometimes to fertilize these plants as some of them actually cannot be fertilized by their own pollen.


Uses for the Snapdragon Flower

For the most part, people use the snapdragon as a great flower to grow in areas like their yards, their flower gardens, and their homes. These are great flowers for the yard because not only do they have a really unique, really cool look to them, but they also really stand out. Plus, if you know how to grow them, they are extremely easy to grow. Otherwise, there are people that like to put snapdragons on bouquets because they are beautiful and they really do have a more unique look than a lot of flowers and they are extremely colorful so they will really stand out. Be sure that you are looking at what you can do with snapdragon flowers and that you are taking this and making some great arrangements and other things.


Why do people plant the Snapdragon Flower ?

There are a few things about the snapdragons that will help you grow them. First, these are generally sold as a cold season plant that is an annual and they are going to do the best when they have partial sun. You also want to make sure that these plants really have good drainage because if they don’t you will find that the soil will actually have too much water in it and the roots will actually rot. Make sure that you know how to take the best care of the snapdragon and that you have the best conditions for it.