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Sweet pea

Sweet Pea Flower

All About the Sweet pea Flower

The sweet pea is a flower that was discovered and really promoted by one man and that is Henry Eckford. What he did was actually develop the flower and to form it into the blossoming flower that people know and love today. From the point that he created the sweet pea, it really took off and became a flower that throughout the Victorian age was so well known. It is important to note that while the sweet pea is a flower that so many people love, it is definitely not one that should be eaten as it does have a neurotoxin in it. But, this flower actually symbolizes many thanks and offers people blissful pleasure.


Description of the Sweet pea Flower

The Sweet pea is actually a flowering plant that belongs to the family called Lathyrus. This is climbing plant that is an annual, so it does die at the end of the season and have to be replanted. Generally, this plant will grow to be up to about 6 feet tall. This is a plant that likes to climb, however, so you have to have support for it to grow and get to the level that you want it to be at. What you will find is that this plant has some great leaves that will spiral up and has some great flowers on the top of it. These flowers will vary in color, but the most common ones that you see are pink, purple, and whites. The sweet pea is a great flower that adds a lot of color to whatever it is that you want to.

Uses for the Sweet Pea Flower

For the most part, the sweet pea is a flower that people grow so that they can have it in their garden. The sweet pea is a great flower for the garden because it looks great, it blooms yearly, and it is fairly easy to grow. You want to make sure that you are taking the best care of this flower that you can so that it grows to be the height that you want it to and have the flowers that you want it to also. Other people will use the sweet pea as a flower for their bouquets and arrangements, it has a unique shape to it which is great and will make it a great flower for arrangements and whatever else that you want do with it.

Why do people plant the Sweet pea Flower?

The good thing about the sweat pea flower is that it really looks great. Even better, this is a flower that was created through cultivation, so it is easy to grow; it isn’t going to be a pain to grow. However, as with any flower, you want to make sure that you are taking good care of it. You will always want to have the best drainage that you can have for it, proper sunlight, and enough water, all of this will ensure that you get a great flower that looks incredible and really stands out.