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Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Appropriate Funeral Flowers

When you are looking to order flowers for a funeral, there are a lot of different styles and kinds that you can order. If it has been determined that flowers are appropriate for the loss or the funeral that you may be attending, at that point you need to decide what to order. It is appropriate for different people to order different things. For example, immediate family may order a larger floral arrangement than a friend or a coworker. It is important to understand the different funeral arrangements and send ones that are appropriate for who you are and how close you were to the deceased.

For immediate family, there are certain arrangements that are appropriate to send. A floral standing cross is a larger arrangement that is placed onto a wire stand close to the casket. This is a design of fresh flowers into a cross. Another immediate family arrangement is a casket spray which is a blanket of mixed flowers, generally roses that is placed on top of the casket to cover it. A broken heart spray is a heart shaped spray that is generally made of pink or red carnations and has a white single strand of carnations that represent a grieving heart. For children looking for a great arrangement to send, look at a satin casket cross. This is a satin white pillow that is shaped like a cross that has fresh flowers across the center of it. This is actually placed into the casket, so it is important that it is from someone close.

For friends or more distant family, try a standing funeral spray or standing spray. These are beautiful mixed flowers that are placed onto a wire stand and are positioned close to the casket. It is ok for close friends or more distant family to send. Another option that is simpler is a standing basket. These are basket arrangements that are made with a wide assortment of flowers and are positioned close to the casket at the ground. There are also sympathy floor arrangements that are mixed flowers made in vases and are placed at the floor around the casket or on a pedestal. These are appropriate for friends and distant family also. It is important to remember that as someone not as close to the deceased, you want your gift to blend in with the rest and not stand out like something flashy and over the top.

It is hard to watch a loved one pass, and you want to be sure that if you are attending a funeral or if you are sending floral arrangements that you are finding appropriate gifts. There are arrangements that are appropriate for immediate family and other arrangements that are appropriate for friends and distant family. Don’t offend someone by sending the wrong gift, either do the research to determine what is appropriate in your shoes, or find a professional that can help you pick out the best options, You want to be sure to show your support, but you want to do it in ways that are appropriate.