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All About the Violet Flower

People know the violet flower; this is a beautiful flower that has a lot of meaning to it. The violet is a flower that people really know by the scent that it carriers, you will find that even the different species of the violet basically smell the same. There are many different uses for the violet and people love this flower, the way it smells, and how it looks. It is important to understand how the violet grows and what it looks like so that you are able to use it to the best of your ability. For a floral meaning, the violet is a flower that represents modesty, so it is a great gift to give someone.


Description of the Violet Flower

The violet is actually part of the viola species. In this species there are between 400 and 450 flowers that you will find, so this is a very large group of flowers. You will generally find that the violet grows in the Northern Hemisphere. However, today, there are even some of these that are found in Australia, Hawaii, and in South America. The violet is a smaller flower that is a perennial plant; for the most part they are used for ornamental purposes. You will find that the violet plants generally have a heart shaped leaf that gives way to a very small flower that is generally 5 or 6 petals and is violet in nature. You will also find that these flowers have a very distinct aroma to them and that they smell incredible, which is one of the biggest draws to this plant.


Uses for the Violet Flower

For the most part, people generally are using the violet plant for flowerbeds or potting plants. This is the easiest way to grow them and the way that they are most likely mass produced. However, there are some violets that are actually a shrub that work great for a hedge or to fill in some areas that you are trying to landscape. Because the violet is so small it is not a great flower for bouquets and arrangements. But, the violet is a good flower for perfumes and is the base of quite a few that you will find. The violet is also use din cooking and can be used to decorate salads or as a stuffing for certain types of meats. You will also find that desserts can be made with the violet plant.


Why do people plant the Violet Flower ?

The good news about the violet plant is that it is relatively easy to grow. This is a flower that really looks great, is small, makes great choices for landscaping and filling in small spaces, and is still easy to grow. Most of the violets that are grown are called bedding plants which mean that they are great for flowerbeds and for pot plants. This makes them easier to grow this way. For a lot of people that is how they will grow their violets and get some great smelling flowers that look great.